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Category: Weight loss

The Dairy Deception

It’s Monday, so time for another effortless weight loss tip! One of the quickest ways I’ve found to drop weight effortlessly is to eliminate dairy from my diet. Often, just doing this one change will result in pounds literally dropping away within a week or two. Keep dairy out for six weeks and you might […]

Water in the Morning

Welcome to my Effortless Eating Weight Loss plan! As promised, every Monday I’ll post another effortless weight loss strategy that can help you on your way to losing weight. Personally, I believe that many people struggle with their weight because they look at life and eating as an all-or-nothing deal. Either you’re “on” a diet […]

A new year, a fresh start

In many ways, I’ve always believed New Years to be an overrated holiday. The expectations are so high — the plans, the party, the new year’s kiss — that invariably someone feels let down. Or hung over. And then there are the reflections on the past year, the evaluation of how you have or haven’t […]