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Category: The Inflammation Influence

Inflammation Investigator Testimonial from Kim Emerson

MY TESTIMONY by Kim Emerson My health journey with Elizabeth Yarnell began a year ago, in January 2021. I spent the previous three years recovering from a severe case of Shingles that seemed to trigger an unstable, erratic nerve response, ongoing gut issues, fatigue, as well as undetermined skin irritations/hives. It was then, with my […]

Could MS come from Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)?

Longitudinal analysis reveals high prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus associated with multiple sclerosis. Sound exciting? All of us living with MS, our caregivers, doctors, and researchers, would love to understand why some people become afflicted with multiple sclerosis while others don’t. Most people who become infected with EBV do not progress to MS. Of the ten […]

Rebuilding My Health Radio: How I Fight MS with Food

Want to hear how I personally manage multiple sclerosis with food? And how clearing parasites took my health to the next level? I recently shared my story on the Rebuilding My Health Radio podcast. In the episode, you’ll hear… The natural steps I took to put multiple sclerosis into remission The role of diet in […]

Parasites May Trigger Thyroid Issues Such As Graves’ or Hashimoto’s

The longer I run my clinic, the more convinced I am that hidden parasitic infection may be at the root of many chronic conditions. In this talk with thyroid specialist Dr. Eric Osansky, we discuss how parasites may be triggering symptoms of Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s.  

Inflammation and Health

Could inflammation be holding you back from reclaiming your health? Listen in to the Simply Jewel podcast as she and I discuss all the ways inflammation could be affecting you without you even knowing it!