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Category: Books

Colorado Book Festival

There’s an unprecedented chance to meet, learn from and engage with 75 Colorado authors – New York Times bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize winners, newspaper columnists and, not least, Colorado author-in-chief John Hickenlooper at the first Colorado Book Festival. The writers will discuss their book adventures in true crime, sports, poetry, photography, fiction, history, getting published and […]

Why I’m Not A Fan of the Paleo Diet

I cheered when I read the recent Washington Post article dissin’ the Paleo Diet! Finally, a voice of reason and sanity to refute those who still believe that the Paleo Diet is the healthiest way to eat. While I totally agree that we did not evolve to eat refined, highly-processed, or chemically-laden foods, we didn’t really […]

Wheat-free Swedish Pancakes

My son went to a friend’s slumber party and came home raving about the Swedish Pancakes his friend’s mom made for breakfast the morning after. He begged me to make them when it came time to host his own slumber party, and my friend and author of a really fun new book series about a fiesty eleven-year […]

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

Commercial toothpastes contain everything from food dyes (should toothpaste really be putting blue color on your teeth?), artificial sweeteners (Aspartame in your toothpaste!), and  suspicious chemicals with long names. Salicylates are found in most toothpastes, and even fluoride can be a problem for sensitive people. Not to mention the non-recylable, chemical-leaching plastic tube it comes in. […]

Creative Quinoa Recipes from Eliza Cross

I was honored when my friend Eliza Cross asked me to review the manuscript for her latest book, The Quinoa Quookbook: 100 Quintessential Recipes Featuring Quinoa – “The Superfood”, but I became even more excited once I opened the book. Eliza has taken quinoa to new lengths with creative ways to incorporate quinoa into all […]