1. Hussein at |

    we use http://www.relishrelish.com . i think it’s about $20 for 3 months too. They uslualy have about 15 meals each week with sides and you can pick 5 of them and put in how many people you’re making it for and it gives you a shopping list and the recipes to print out. It also has monthly freezer menus. Once a month on a Saturday I spend a couple hours cooking and freeze 4-5 extra meals for the month for days I don’t have time to cook. Or sometimes I double the number of serbings and make it for friends or people with new babies/kids. Usually about 5 of the meals are veggie and/or I can easily make changes to make them veggie. It also tells you which meals are lower cost, lower calorie, kid-friendly, etc. I was not much of a cook at all before. It’s totally changed the way I cook and shop. I love it. Okay, advertisement over–back to your regular programming. 🙂

  2. Diane at |

    I have read that sometimes veggies turn out too soft. Is it possible to add the 15 or twenty minutes before the meal is finished cooking?


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