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Could Multiple Sclerosis be a Parasitic Infection?

Dr. Steven Fry has discovered a previously unknown protozoa in the blood of patients suffering from MS and other autoimmune disorders such as lupus, ALS, and chronic fatigue.

Dr. Fry is not the first to suggest MS and other chronic conditions might be caused by a parasitic infection. In his research, Dr. Fry has found 75 medical papers dating back to the 1880s that discuss finding a malaria-like organism in blood from MS patients. Dr. Fry’s newly identified protozoa is malaria-like and may also be transmitted by a vector such as mosquitos or ticks. In fact, during a malaria outbreak in the 1920s, MS patients who were treated with anti-malarial drugs saw improvement in their MS symptoms. At the time, it was assumed this was because they also had an underlying malarial infection, and anti-malarial drugs did not continue as standard treatment for MS beyond the early 1930s.

Hematologic biofilm detection by the Advanced Stains test at Fry Laboratories.

Interestingly, this microscopic parasite creates a “biofilm”, or web-like fiber structures that build up into a sludge inside your veins, obstructing blood flow. Dr. Fry believes this is why CCSVI can be effective in slowing the progression of MS.

Not only has Dr. Fry mapped the genome of this newly-named protomyxoa parasite, but he’s also made an interesting observation from growing the parasites in petri dishes: they love fat. Fat makes them grow big and strong; withhold fat and they shrink. Finally a laboratory validation as to why Dr. Swank‘s classic low-fat/no-saturated-fat diet helped his MS patients and thousands since fare better with the diagnosis.

Dr. Fry does not know how to eradicate the parasite neither in a test tube nor in the human body, however, we start every client who joins the Fight MS with Food project on a gentle, herbal parasite cleanse. This herbal paraciticide regimen may or may not affect Dr. Fry’s protomyxoa, but within just a few months of completion most people feel increased vitality and wellbeing even before implementing any dietary changes.

My thoughts are that if you have a parasitic infection and you don’t address the parasites, there is only so much better you can ever feel. It can be frustrating to implement dietary changes without seeing results because parasites are getting in the way. My goal in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions is to eradicate the parasites and then begin healing the immune system by improving digestion, reducing inflammatory triggers through customized dietary modifications, and healing the gut. More than 80% of our immune system is based in the digestive system, and when you improve digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients, the body can move toward a state of health.

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29 Comments on “Could Multiple Sclerosis be a Parasitic Infection?

  1. Hi everyone, I have had MS symptoms for several yrs and went to be diagnosed. The Dr did not diagnose MS but I had 9 of the symptoms. He did not find anything during my MRI scan however I also told him that when I ate certain foods my symptoms became worse. He was not interested. I took matters in to my own hands and researched like crazy. I came across this parasite info from several different sources and did a parasite cleanse using Mimosa Pudica, so many parasites came out. I do a parasite cleanse every so often now but have also stopped eating meat. If you eat meat you will always have parasites. I am a fruitarian and some vegatables. I am very well and only get very slight ill feelings when I stray from my diet. The brain fog was diobolical but since releasing so many worms of all shapes and sizes I am well. By the Ivermectin horse paste is brilliant. Big pharma don’t like yoh to know this but it’s incredible for humans also. Good luck everyone. I am so pleased that people know this now.

  2. I really believe this is what’s wrong with my father. He went into the military in the 80s and was diagnosed with MS in the 90s. He has gradually gone down Hill and As of now he can barely do anything for himself, he is confined to a wheelchair and has to have a caretaker. In the last few months he has been complaining about a very itchy scalp. He doesn’t have dandruff or anything but when he asked me to scratch his head he said it feels like something was crawling under the skin and even more so when you would start to scratch his head . At first I thought maybe it’s his nerves but then I thought what if all of this is a result of a parasitic infection? I shared my thoughts with my family but they thought I was crazy…. but what if ….. This article helped me to see that I’m not the only one.

    1. Look into 100‰ Pure Gum Spirits turpentine. 1/2 teaspoon on a tablespoon of white sugar taken orally once a day for 10 continuous days. Must be “100% Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine”.

  3. You know my wife and I had gotten sick in Japan and we both ended up with MS symptoms. Hers went away, then I ended up with the same thing, just not as bad. But now I’m going through a parasite cleanse.

    This is interesting information.

  4. In early 1997 after horrendous stomach pain I was taken to hospital and diagnosed by Dr. Ian McDonald as having multiple sclerosis.
    When I was growing up my father would often say it was cheaper to dress than feed me, even now a good friend calls me Trigger because I eat like a horse.
    I’ve tried numerous diets and doctors without benefit but since taking peppermint essential oil I feel better and sometimes hear a high pitch noise coming from my guts.
    Is it possible that some parasite is suffering.

    1. Hi Panos! Sounds like you have a hunch about parasites, and I always trust those hunches. To put it another way, if someone suspects they may be infected with parasites, I see no reason not to treat with an herbal parasite cleanse! I see so many MS patients with symptoms of parasites that I recommend an herbal parasite cleanse to every autoimmune sufferer before doing the MRT and a targeted anti-inflammatory diet. Contact me for a free initial phone consultation if I can help you through it!

      1. Thank you for kind words Elizabeth, I think I’m a bit too far away to come and see you.
        What in your opinion should I try to act on my suspicion.

        1. Actually, Panos, my entire practice is virtual and conducted over phone/Skype and email. Email me through the Contact page and I’d be happy to tell you more about how it works!

  5. In the past Quinine (extract from the bark of a cinchona tree) was a medication used to treat malaria and babesiosis. Quinine was sold as over the conter pills in Europe up to 10 years ago. Is it available in the USA now?

    1. You can get quinine from my little mercantile in Woodville Texas. They are on Facebook

  6. Please figure out a way to kill it. My life is spiraling downward right before my eyes. Sad for my family and my former life. Please kill the parasite

    1. Lana– You can help yourself by doing an herbal parasite cleanse. Send me an email through the Contact page to schedule a free initial phone consultation and I’d be happy to discuss it with you. My MS patients usually see a lot of improvement!

  7. FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for someone to publish this article for 10 years now. I agree with the doctor as my husband had ALS, I have severe neuropathy and my daughter who is 16 needs a walker. NO one would listen to me even when my husband got better when on antiparasitic meds. I am not allowed to even say anything about it or my family won’t talk to me because they are not able to handle it. It is easier to say I am crazy but they are not suffering like we are and knowing there is something I could do about it is driving me crazy. I am positive about this parasite and pray that doctors will someday acknowledge it.

    1. Anne- You don’t have to get a doctor’s approval to do an herbal parasite cleanse! There’s no need to wait for anyone’s permission to start healing your body naturally. Parasites are likely at the root of many, many chronic inflammatory issues, and the herbal parasite cleanse that I work with is gentle enough for children. You’re welcome to contact me for a free initial phone consultation and I’d be happy to explain how it works.

  8. I agree! Am spreading the word to my family members with MS. I have Lymes and also treat it luke a parasite infection. I can now use my arms and legs again. Amazing how they knew this in the 19th century. Thank you for naming it.

    1. Believe me when I say we have tried all the cleanses and taken all the herbs. I know you have to take your own health in your hands. But did you read the whole article, he even said they don’t know how to kill it. Malaria is still going very strong, people are very naive to think all the research is done on these problems, its not pretty so the money isn’t there. We eat organically and keep it at bay but until you can kill it they will always be there.

      1. I would recommend trying MMS. Do a search string on Jim Humble and MMS and Malaria together. You have to break up the biofilm first in order to expose and kill the parasites. MMS can do both.
        Read up on Hulda Clark and zappers also. Check out ozone
        therapy. One or more of these will help.

        1. Yes I killed Lyme & Babesia [also a malaria type protozoa] which supposedly can’t be killed, with a Spooky2 Rife machine. More advanced hardware, free software and very affordable. Makes the older more expensive models [which I have tried] look like difference between V W and a Maserati . Also used Ivermectin, chloroquine and Dr Stephen Buhner’s herbal protocol for all tick diseases. Five books available on Amazon. Not affiliated with spooky2 btw.


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