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Chronic Sinusitis Can Be Due to Food Sensitivities

Do you suffer from chronic sinus infections, drippy nose, or just plain old congestion? If so, the cause is likely something you’re eating all the time that you don’t realize is making you sick.LEAP-logo

Here’s a testimonial from a client who received a customized anti-inflammatory LEAP diet based on Mediator Release Test (MRT) results and found a life where she no longer has sinus issues. As a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), my job is to design a customized anti-inflammatory diet to resolve symptoms. The MRT allows us to pinpoint the triggers of inflammatory activity instead of shooting arrows in the dark and so produces real results.

LEAP Testimonial

I originally sought counseling from Dr. Yarnell at the advice of a good friend. I have had chronic sinus pressure which resulted in me taking a nasal decongestant every day. I also used to get about 4 sinus infections a year which ended with me taking antibiotics. Otherwise, I was a very healthy person who regularly exercises, only ate organic produce and didn’t smoke. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical of whether or not the LEAP program could really make a dramatic difference for me.

I was also concerned with my ability to stick to the program. The first two weeks were restrictive. For someone who had multiple cups of coffee every day and a piece of chocolate, this seemed daunting. However, because I was feeling so much better and Dr. Yarnell was my advocate I was able to get through it. Once I started introducing new foods I felt like I had so many options and zero interest in the foods that caused me to feel bad.

The benefits of LEAP were amazing and unexpected. My hair started growing thicker, I no longer crave caffeine or sweets, I have more energy, I sleep better, I am less anxious and I think more clearly. My sinus issues are gone as well. I also realize that I could not have done this program without the guidance of Dr. Yarnell. She is relateable, encouraging and worked with me to develop a customized program. The blood tests alone would not have allowed such a complete transformation.

I have recommended the LEAP program and Dr. Yarnell’s guidance to my family and friends – and look forward to hearing their success stories as well.

~Lauren C., New York

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One Comment on “Chronic Sinusitis Can Be Due to Food Sensitivities

  1. I have struggled with chronic sinusitis and EVB Vito’s for 20 years. I have just had sinus surgery, but my physician says that u have a lot of allergies. Please tell me his I can make an appt with you

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