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How Artificial Sweeteners Make You Sick

Although the majority of industry-funded studies show that artificial sweeteners have no effect on the body, more than 90% of independent studies show that artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame (Equal) affect the microbiome and lead to inflammatory bowel problems as well as double the risk of metabolic issues like diabetes.

And, contrary to their stated goal, using artificial sweeteners will not lead to weight loss. Just one diet soda has enough negative influence on the microbiome to cause inflammation! Since obesity is now categorized as “excessive inflammation”, we can understand why non-nutritive sweeteners will not help us lose weight.

Luckily, we can start to heal our gut microbiome as soon as we cut out all artificial sweeteners, so stay away from those diet sodas!

Watch the whole report here:


One Comment on “How Artificial Sweeteners Make You Sick

  1. Really interesting post. Ever since taking up cycling and noticing the positive changes it’s made, I’ve begun to look into the things I’m eating too, and typically regard as ‘healthy’.

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