1. Linda at |

    Are there some web sites you recommend for ordering high quality teas?

  2. Honor Illini at |


    I am so much enjoying your site, thank you!

    I have recently discovered hibiscus tea which is high in antioxidants. I infuse it in filtered water at room temperature and store it in the fridge. So I guess I only take it as an iced tea. I decided not to boil it since it is intended to fight free radicals so I figured I shouldn’t break down that power!

    Hibiscus tea is rather tart, which I enjoy and do not add any sweetener. I would suggest that if someone would prefer it sweeter than to switch to a tea that is more palatable rather than adding sweetener to its natural goodness.


  3. Jennifer Dechtman (Miller) at |

    You look fabulous and are such an inspiration! I am definitely going to take your tips to heart! Thanks, Jennifer


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