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31 Tips for Saving Money While Keeping Your Organic Lifestyle

This came across my Twitterstream recently and I thought it worthy of sharing. Meghan Rabbit gives a boatload of ways you can trim your budget without sacrifcing essentials in your lifestyle such as organic foods, workouts, or massages. (Meghan is a senior editor at Natural Solutions magazine.)

Some of my favorites include:

– Barter for goods. Meghan trades writing a monthly newsletter for unlimited yoga classes at her local studio.

– Stop buying bottled water. I fully agree. I live for my Nikken water filter and use it fill PBA-free water bottles. I just found some great new, shatterproof pba-free water bottles at King’s Soopers for 15% off. I got one for each family member for only $3-5 each.

– Make your coffee at home. I don’t know about you, but I gave up my $4/day Starbucks habbit years ago, early into the budget crisis. Either I bring my own coffee (organic, free trade, of course!) in my travel mug, or I get a small cup of decaf (less than $2) and savor it. Sigh. We must all make sacrifices in these times.

2 Comments on “31 Tips for Saving Money While Keeping Your Organic Lifestyle

  1. Remember, SOY that is not fermented containes phytoestrogens. This is NOT good for young boys or aging males. Asians know this and do not eat unfermented soy. It is an american phenomenon that is called the soy ploy. Check out the facts. I am lactose intolerant. I am female and aging, so, unfermented soy is good for me, but NOT for everyone.

  2. Hear Hear on the bottled water. I calculated that bottled water is more expensive that GASOLINE. It’s absurd.

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