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What you can learn from the color of your poop.

Besides watching the consistency of your poop with the Bristol Stool Chart to assess your state of health, the color of your stool can tell you a lot as well. Assessing your stool over a few days time can help you to get a better sense of if the color is related to what you ate or to biological function. Here’s a quick overview:

Brown = normal.

dr oz stool color chart
Here is Dr. Oz's Stool Color Chart to guide us in assessing our health through our poop.

Light clay colored = too many antacids or perhaps liver dysfunction.

Green = possibly you ate a huge mass of leafy greens, but more likely it indicates the stool is moving too quickly through the digestive tract. Green can mean Crohn’s disease or that you’ve been on a round of antibiotics.

Yellow = gallbladder dysfunction, possibly from a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection.

Red = either you ate beets or you have bleeding in your lower GI tract.

White = perhaps indicating malabsorption of nutrients or an excess of mucus. The barium used in x-rays can also turn stool white.

Black = heavy meat consumption or bleeding in the upper GI tract.

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