Turkey Enchiladas

In our family, we make sure to have enough leftovers from Thanksgiving to send everyone home with containers of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc., so that everyone can enjoy the week of turkey leftovers!

Yesterday, I used up most of the turkey making meal-size servings of turkey enchiladas to freeze. Now, on a busy winter night, I’ll be able to reach into the freezer and pull out a tin of turkey enchiladas, Turkey Enchiladaspop it in the toaster oven to thaw and heat, and – voila! – dinner is ready.

I like to use tins as they go from freezer to oven, and I like to have ones that fit into my toaster oven, so that I don’t have to heat up my entire oven and waste energy.

My mother-in-law passed along this quick and easy recipe for enchiladas:

Spoon some Enchilada Sauce into the bottom of the tin and spread it around (this will help keep the enchiladas from sticking to the pan). Spread corn tortillas with beans (I used vegetarian refried black beans this time) and pile on a stripe of pre-cooked chopped turkey or chicken. Roll each into a tube and set into the tin until the base is covered. Cover liberally with enchilada sauce and sprinkle with some grated cheese. Repeat with another layer of enchiladas and sauce. That’s it!

I had intended to puree some spinach to spread into my enchiladas as well, but didn’t have any frozen and the fresh leaves I found in the bottom of my fridge were so old that they smelled pretty vile when I put them in the food processor. Oh well. So much for good intentions. I’ll have to remember to serve these with a side of veggies for a balanced meal.

By the way, I realize that when I embedded the YouTube video on this site, it broke the blog table. Sigh. Hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

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