1. […] question myself every time it comes up with my own family. Personally, I’ve tried to strike a balance between the essential vaccinations and the non-essential vaccinations, and although getting the flu sucks, I consider the flu shot to be non-essential to my toxic […]

  2. Jane C at |

    I believe that schools will allow children who have not been vaccinated into school with an opt-out from the parent or parent or physician. The child(ren) who have not been vaccinated will 1) risk contracting disease or 2) will have to stay at home throughout the incubation period of the last child infected if there is a disease breakout which could be a long time out of school.

  3. Emily Cotler at |

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I also chose to vaccinate my daughter. We also spread out her visits. I didn’t know about the homeopathic spray, however.

    My heart also goes out to families living with autism. And I well know the driving need to have a reason for such things — it makes it so much easier to cope than if you only have some random cause. And I understand the need to make sure that we are not blindly shooting highly powerful drugs willy-nilly into our children.

    But I fervently believe that not vaccinating is a dangerous practice. Little kids under five used to drop like flies a century ago. Imagine how heartbreaking life was when the vast majority of mothers lost children. Imagine how vicious life would be if we lived like our great-grandmothers where we had many in hopes that a few would make it our of infancy and early childhood. Or, to bring the analogy to present terms: Mumbai, or parts of Africa where aid simply does not reach.

    Plus, there are scant few schools that will allow your child in without vaccinations.


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