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Tips for MS and Exercise

I believe in the old adage “Use it or Lose it,” especially when it comes to a degenerative disease like Multiple Sclerosis but really for everyone.

My friend Jan DeCourtney at the Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health co-authored a book with Dr. Walt Stoll called Recapture Your Health in which they outline a recipe for health that includes three elements: 1. diet, 2. exercise, 3. relaxation. If you are working toward achieving a healthy state, this should be your holy trinity.

In a video for, an online community for those with MS, Dr. Monica Marta gives her top 10 tips for exercising when you have a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, but these tips are good for anyone hoping to begin an exercise routine when coming from a less-able place:

  1. Keep active.
  2. Suggested exercises: swimming, nordic walking, dancing.
  3. Start slowly and build up.
  4. Exercise through a relapse.
  5. Don’t push it too hard.
  6. Train to conserve energy so that you can go further.
  7. Warm-up, stretch, and don’t forget the right kind of relaxation.
  8. Incorporate exercise into your life.
  9. Adjust your posture and body alignment.
  10. Manage your expectations.

My favorite of her tips? Just dance! Dancing not only works your body but your brain, too. I’m a regular Jazzerciser, but there are some great videos and video games (Wii, etc.) that can get you moving at home. Best of all: it’s fun!

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