1. Maria at |

    Hi There,

    You can try some of the do it yourself natural sunscreens.

    I came across one that had coconut oil as its main ingredient, and its what the pacific islanders only used.

    Or just youtube natural sunscreens instead

    Hope this helps your little one!

  2. Emily at |

    Sigh. Every year a new list. I can’t keep up. My kid freckles and burns. We need sunscreen. She hates the smell of most of them, and few go on pleasantly (in my experience, good sunscreens feel like grit going on). I have one that works for her and she will actually put it on. Alas, it’s not on this list. So what do I do? It’s either the Neutrogena one or nothing. I have to pick my battles.

    Good resource, though. I’d have bookmarked it, but I bookmark Effortless Eating. 🙂


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