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    […] This%20video%20presents%20an%20alarming%20testament%20as%20to%20the%20preservatives%20in%20fast%20food%2C%20as%20exemplified%20by%20a%204-year%20old%20cheeseburger.%20Check%20it%20out.%0D%0A%0D%0A%5Byoutube%204IGtDPG4UfI%20Petrified%20McDonald%27s%20Happy%20Meal%5D” title… Read ahead […]

  2. Luke at |

    This is complete bull. If you have ever worked in fast food you’d know that. First off the reason the Mcdonalds fry is still yellow is because its FRIED IN GREASE. The other stuff has mold on it because they arent french fries… its just a potato sliced up and left to rot. The burger is the same way. The patty was fried, so no mold, the insides of the bun and cheese touched the greasy burger, also no mold. The reason the outside isnt molded is simply because of the buns outer texture, its not as absorbent. Also did I hear the girl right when she said this woman is an obesity activist? How can you be an obesity activist when you ARE obese?? I wish she would get that stupid smirk off her face when she talks like she knows her stuff. This woman is most likely a hypocrite and only did this so she could blame something for her own weight problems when she has nothing to blame but her own poor willpower. You can’t blame the fast food restaurants for making you fat, they didn’t force feed you did they? Why are your kids eating this? Because you buy it for them! I just can’t believe she actually thinks that isn’t food… yeah McDonalds has made contact with aliens and is using their superpowered technology to make our fast food not moldy. Thats definitely whats going on… morons, all of them.

  3. Carrie at Natural Mo at |

    Wow – that’s amazing. I remember seeing something similar in Fast Food Nation, but the food was only a few months old. Really, really gross. Makes you think!

    I wonder if part of it are the genetically modified corn they’re using?


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