1. Jennifer at |

    Just wanted to second the egg point. An alternative to just using the whites is using one whole egg and the white of another egg. You’re missing vitamins if you skip the yolk! Plus, new research shows that a) ingested cholesterol has little to do with cholesterol levels. Ingested FAT gets turned into cholesterol by the liver.
    b) lowering cholesterol may not be the end all, be all of preventing cardiovascular disease. Other chemicals such as homocystiene and c-reactive protein are becoming fast researched.
    c) studies are also showing that cholesterol lowering drugs are doing their job by lowering cholesterol, but not affecting heart attack rates at ALL – which was their main goal.

    Just started reading, thanks for the good writing!

  2. kim at |

    Suggested reading: “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes for a different and enlightening perspective on dietary choices that lead to obesity, heart disease and other “western diet” related problems.

    BTW, most of the vegetable oils you’re suggesting are very high in Omega-6 with minimal amounts of omega-3… an imbalance that has been identified as one of the many problems with our society’s diet.

    Egg yolks are an excellent source of vitamin A… a powerful antioxidant as well as being necessary for strong bones. It’s a crime to not eat the whole egg!

    I’d suggest that it is the sugar in ice cream that is the main culprit, not the fat. If the substitute (low-fat ice cream) is high in sugar, you’re not doing yourself any favors!

    Just some “food for thought”. Hope you’re open to alternative ideas on what is healthy and what is not.


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