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Tag: traumatic brain injury

Natural Remedies for Post-Concussion Symptoms

Hitting your head hard sucks. Even worse, whether you were diagnosed with a concussion or just a bad knock to the noggin, the effects can linger as brain fog, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sound and/or light sensitivity, and your neurologist may not have any solutions beyond “Wait it out.”

But have you spoken with a “Functional Neurologist”?

My friend, Dr. Titus Chiu, uses “Root Cause Neurology” to decipher clues about the brain and help it to heal from the trauma of a hit on the head. This includes dietary changes, targeted supplements to nourish the brain, and specific exercises to stimulate the neural pathways.

His book, Brain Save!, should become the bible for anyone wanting to heal their brain.

It’s so refreshing to meet a neurologist who has more to offer than toxic pharmaceuticals that simply mask symptoms. Dr. Chiu’s radical “Root Cause Neurology” approach empowers traumatic brain injury (TBI) sufferers to reclaim their brains through such simple actions as taking the right supplements, eating the right foods, and doing some seemingly basic exercises that might surprise you with their difficulty and what they can tell you about your brain injury.

This book is full of actions you can take yourself, today, without paying for or waiting for another disappointing doctor’s appointment. If you want to take your healing to the next level, or you know you would do better with some hand-holding, then enroll in his online or in-person programs, but you can get a lot of healing out of this book alone. If you commit to do the work, of course. Dr. Chiu’s 6-week program outlined in this book is easy to do at home and doesn’t have any negative side effects.

Catch Dr. Chiu’s appearance at the recent Brain Reboot 2022 event here. The replay is free and available for immediate viewing!