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Tag: toxins in food

Eating On Time Leads to Happier Children

Did you know that children are happier when they eat on a regular schedule? Food may have a larger impact on your child’s mood and attitude than you realize.

According to child and adolescent psychotherapist and parenting expert Katie Hurley, writing in the Huffington Post, “Eating at regular intervals refuels their growing brains and bodies and keeps hunger under control. When kids are calm and satisfied, they experience greater happiness.”happyChildren

I couldn’t agree more. Hunger and uncertainty about where or when the next food will appear can turn even the most amenable of children into challenges. Eating and sleeping are essential for brain development and growth in children.

What Dr. Hurley doesn’t mention is just what kids labeled difficult or unhappy are eating.

The Standard American Kids’ Diet (SAKD) consists of macaroni-and-cheese from a box, frozen chicken nuggets, deli meats, hot dogs, wheat sandwich bread, ketchup, Pepperidge Farms Goldfish, graham crackers, yogurt, and applesauce.

If these items are not organic or otherwise “clean” versions, here is a sample of what you’re feeding your preschooler:

• Petroleum-based food dyes and colors (FD&C) that have been linked to ADHD.

GMOs that have been linked to infertility, cancers, hormone disruption, and more.

Antibiotics in the meat of improperly-raised animals.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that raises glycemic levels, has been linked to obesity, and is a GMO to beat.

Pesticide residue from conventionally-grown apples has been found in high concentration in the urine of preschoolers.

Bovine Growth Hormone and cannibalistic feed practices.

Nitrates and nitrites.

Artificial or “natural” flavors and fragrances.

Kids need to eat on time, and be sure that that food is wholesome and nutritious and toxin-free.