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Tag: Town and Country Foods

An Organic Frozen Food Co-op: Town and Country Foods

It’s always an exciting day at our house when Town and Country Foods comes to stock our big basement freezer with almost a year’s worth of foods. Yesterday was one of those days.Town and Country Foods frozen food delivery service

More than a decade ago my husband and I discovered this amazing service that allows you to buy organic, fresh-frozen vegetables; sustainably-caught wild fish flash-frozen on the boats; naturally-raised meats and poultry; and even some prepared foods made with the same high standards, like chicken and prosciutto ravioli, sweet potato fries, or Polish Kielbasa.

all natural  and organic frozen food delivery service
Town and Country Foods

We get loads of individually-vacuum-sealed boneless skinless chicken breasts, ground beef steak burgers, turkey breast filets, boneless pork chops, and beautiful fish filets of haddock, salmon, ocean perch, tuna, and cod. Not to mention the vegetables, fajita-cut chicken strips, and other great convenience items to choose.

We purchase the smallest package, which is budgeted to last two people for eight months. We have a family of four and one delivery usually lasts us 10-12 months. Eight low monthly interest-free payments covers the food no matter how long it lasts you, and if you purchase your freezer through them they will guarantee to replace the food after a power failure, etc. It has been a great deal for us over the years.

Our Town and Country Foods delivery means that we have quick and easy meals available at any time. We toss pre-marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts directly on the grill –without thawing! They cook up perfectly.

Glorious One-Pot Meals are tailor-made for food packaged and frozen in individual-serving portions, and you never have to thaw anything first! We might do a GOPM with frozen diced potatoes, perch filets, frozen spinach, frozen carrots, and Teriyaki sauce. Yum! Super easy – takes maybe 10 minutes to cut open the vacu-seal packaging and drop the items into a cast iron Dutch oven – and everything but the Teriyaki sauce is in our Town and Country freezer, ready to go into a meal at the drop of a hat.

Town and Country Foods distributes to 40,000 families in five western states. If you contact them for information, please be sure to say I sent you! You’ll be glad you did.

Why organic chicken?

Reader question: Just wanted to ask with regard to the “Frozen Dinner in a Flash” recipe if it is necessary to have cleaned the frozen chicken breasts first? Would also love to know which brand of chicken you prefer?

If I purchase the chicken raw, then I clean it and trim it before freezing individually. The chicken we get already frozen has already been trimmed, etc, before being vacuum sealed. Those pieces I usually just toss in after unwrapping.

At our house, we try to only eat organic chicken for several reasons — antibiotics, non-vegetarian feed, and inhumane conditions among them. Ideally, we’d only eat chickens raised as described in The Omnivore’s Dilemma: on a grass-rotation farm where the hens play a role in the rejuvenation of the soil and eat their natural diet of grubs and worms. Since we don’t live near that kind of farm, we belong to a wonderful frozen food co-op that loads our freezer full of natural meats and poultry every six months or so.

When I must purchase chicken, my first choice is from Whole Foods or another natural grocery store. If it must be from the regular grocery store, I look for Redbird brand as Consumer Reports found the lowest levels of salmonella contamination in Redbird poultry products.