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Tag: Thanksgiving leftover recipe

Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Stew

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I stuck the turkey carcass – with any remnants still hanging on it – into a large stock pot, covered it with water, and let it simmer for hours before straining out the meat and returning the broth and the cleaned meat to the pot.

I added some chopped potatoes, carrots, and even a sliced zucchini, because I had it around. A few dashes of cumin along with salt and pepper, and I had a large pot of turkey stew ready for dinner that night and to be frozen for satisfying dinners later in the winter.

This weekend I look forward to cooking things that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving!

Leftover Mashed Potato Croquettes

What to do with a pile of leftover mashed potatoes? How about Mashed Potato Croquettes for something a little different?

Leftover Mashed Potato Croquettes drizzled with ketchup.

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? I used organic Yukon Gold potatoes and put them through a food grinder — with the skins! — for nutritious deliciousness. This year my husband declared that I had made enough to feed a middle eastern army. I’ll admit that maybe I overdid it, but better to have too much than not enough at the Thanksgiving table, right?

So, here we are, with enough leftover mashed potatoes to satisfy a small platoon, and I’m looking for ways to change them up a bit and keep my family interested in eating them. That’s why I tried this croquette  idea. I figure that if mashed potatoes are tasty, fried mashed potatoes could be even better.

It was easy: I beat 3 eggs with salt and 4 tablespoons of spelt flour, then stirred it together with 4 cups of mashed potatoes and a cup of chopped turkey meat. I shaped it into small bricks and fried them up on a cast iron griddle with coconut oil. At the end, I gave up on the brick shape and made them into flat potato pancakes instead.

I thought they were pretty good served with gravy or ketchup and Siracha sauce, but my kids were less than impressed. They weren’t crispy enough. I think I should have used only 2 eggs and fried them in the Fry Baby deep fryer instead of on a griddle. Next time!

Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

Whew, what a holiday! Thanksgiving is such a glorious holiday for food, and we have a big tradition for leftovers in my family. Personally, I love opening a fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers, but by Saturday I can’t stand the sight of another turkey sandwich and I’m fishing around for creative ways to eat and preserve the abundance of leftovers. This weekend I was inspired to create Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing. Absolutely delicious and they couldn’t have been easier to prepare.Stuffed Mushroom recipe

First, I washed, de-stemmed, and slathered two portobello mushrooms with olive oil. Why two? That was all I had.

Then I heaped piles of my mother’s famous stuffing (an heirloom recipe passed down from my late grandmother: corn flakes, slices of bread, onions, and celery) and sprinkled the top with shredded mozzarella. I covered the whole thing with a tin foil tent. Then I placed the dish in 350 F oven until the mushroom was soft (about 10 minutes); removed the foil and continued to bake until the top was bubbly with melted cheese.

Of course, you can make this recipe with whatever leftover stuffing you may have from your festive table! My variations included spelt bread in the stuffing, mushrooms instead of celery, and goat milk mozzarella cheese.

Next time, I’ll be sure to have more mushrooms around because this was a huge hit with the family.