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Tag: swollen tonsils

Natural Remedy for Sore Throat and Big Tonsils: Hydrogen Peroxide

My son came home from school yesterday complaining of a painful throat and not feeling well. Sure enough, when I peeked into his mouth I could clearly see his hugely swollen tonsils. No wonder his throat hurt!

I took him into a nearby medical clinic for a throat culture to check for Strep Throat and the culture was negative. I wasn’t surprised to discover that what he had was viral rather than bacterial because he did not have a fever or any white spots on his tonsils, which can sometimes be an indicator of a bacterial infection like Strep.

So what do you do when antibiotics are not the answer for painful, swollen tonsils?

A Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse for Tonsil or Mouth Pain

I mixed up a gargle containing 1/2 hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 water + 1 drop DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil blend (or 1 drop tea tree oil).

Doing a gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide (the 3% solution widely available at local drugstores, etc., not the more powerful food grade solution) can bring amazing results. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide brings oxygen to the outside of the tonsils to directly address any anaerobic viruses or bacteria trying to take up residence there. My son gargled it twice yesterday and was much better this morning when I gave him another cupful to gargle before school.

You can also dilute hydrogen peroxide half-and-half with water to use as a mouth rinse to soothe the pain from swollen cheeks or gums, mouth sores, cold sores, cuts from braces, surgery, or other mouth pain as it has a slightly numbing effect and can ward off infection. As long as you don’t drink it, there are no reasons why a diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse or gargle can’t be used to control mouth pain as frequently as needed.

I also loaded him up with echinicea, vitamin D, vitamin C, and a bunch of immune supporting minerals. Additionally, I gave him some colloidial silver liquid to add silver’s germ killing power.

Finally, I made some garlic tea for him with the goal of knocking the buggers out of his body and restoring him to health.

Cold Snap Herbal Cold Remedy

My family returned from our east coast vacation with a miserable summer cold. As soon as I returned I pulled out the Cold Snap and watched my kids turn the corner back to health.

As the label says, Cold Snap contains “twenty herbs to restore righteous chi.” I don’t know about you, but restoring righteous chi is what I’m all about.

I’m not going to list all the herbs, but I gave my 10-year old and 8-year old each one capsule (opened and mixed into some applesauce) when each was suffering from swollen tonsils, stuffy head, hoarse voice, and a wet cough. A little later I noticed a marked difference in their sense of wellbeing and energy levels. Each reported feeling much better and wanting to go play with friends. Even their tonsils were significantly reduced in size.

I gave them each another capsule before bed, and another in the morning. Neither has needed another dose, and the worst of the cold has passed them by.

Lucky them. Because I have MS, I’m nervous to take so many herbs that might stimulate my immune system in ways I didn’t anticipate. So I have suffered through the cold and know exactly what they missed. This is one time when homeopathic remedies have offered only little relief.

**Update: I have since taken Cold Snap many times and have found it to be very effective at helping the body fight a cold.