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Tag: sea salt vs mined salt

Sea Salt Is Better Than Table Salt for Sodium-Restricted Diets

Sea salt is better balanced for our bodies and may not cause swelling or tax the body like mined table salt or the added sodium in processed foods will.

Sea Salt Portuguese Flor de Sal
Portuguese Flor de Sal from the Savory Spice Shop.

Sea salt is a live mineral from the get-go as part of the nutrient-rich environment of seawater that is activated by absorbing the sun’s life-giving energy during evaporation.

Our bodies depend on a balance of minerals to maintain homeostasis in the osmotic fluid inside and outside of our cells, and to provide a favorable environment for the conduction of electricity through the nervous system. Salt is a vital component for health and body function.

For sodium-restricted diets aimed at reducing inflammation and lessening the load on the kidneys and other organs, consider switching to sea salt, preparing home-cooked meals like Glorious One-Pot Meals instead of eating restaurant meals high in mined salt, and avoiding  packaged and prepared foods that list sodium on the lable.