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Tag: Rescue Remedy

Bach’s Rescue Remedy: A Natural Remedy for Anxiety

Looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to address anxiety without taking pharmaceuticals or self-medicating with drugs or alcohol? Check out Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

Bach flower remedies are made from water infused with wild flowers. Dr. Edward Bach discovered 38 different flowers that could influence emotional and mental states by removing negative emotions. They are safe and gentle without any side effects.

Rescue Remedy is actually a combination of five different flowers and works to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the user.

I recently was able to see Rescue Remedy work its magic on the little dog we got last year. She had been found in the middle of December, covered in ticks, in Joplin Missouri. Weighing in at 9 lbs. and less than a foot tall, she had to be on high alert all the time to survive. Even after she was picked up, she spent months in shelters, was shipped across state lines, lived with a foster family, was adopted and then returned before finally coming to land with us. When she arrived at our house, her coat was thin and scraggly and her skin raw and inflamed. She was aggressive toward other dogs and too nervous to be left alone.

After showering her with love and affection, putting her on a grain-free, meat-based diet, and investing in working with a dog trainer for several months, she was much improved healthwise with a full shiny coat and two more pounds of weight, but she still suffered from PTSD.

Then I remembered about Rescue Remedy. I began adding a drop or two to her wet food at dinner. After a few weeks I found I could tell when I had forgotten to give it to her as she would be more demanding and needy of my time and attention.

Now, after more than 6 months of taking the Rescue Remedy regularly, she’s a much calmer and more secure dog in general. She can watch me move between the rooms in the house without the previously-constant anxiety driving her to be at my heels every moment.

The Rescue Remedy has made a big difference in her anxiety and stress levels as well as her PTSD. It can do the same thing for humans.

Put one drop in a glass of water and drink it four times daily for relief from chronic anxiety or stress.