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Tag: red food dye + behavior

The Perils of Valentine’s Day for Sensitive Kids

While Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite holiday – too many high expectations that require others to do their part to fulfill – now I positively dread it because the amount of candy offered to kids rivals that of Halloween. And it’s all red.valentine's red heart lollipops

Red food dye is a nightmare for us because it can affect my son in any way from vomiting within twenty minutes of ingestion to visible swelling in the face and hands, extreme behavior and mood volatility, aggression, rage, and tears. None of which is pleasant.

It’s a lot to ask a 10-year old boy to stand apart from the crowd and turn down the confetti-colored cupcakes; to walk away from every lollipop, gumball, drink, snack cracker, etc. that is even tinged red, orange, pink, or purple. The little red swirl on a white Starlight Mint is enough to induce vomiting in this kid, yet he still begs for one when he sees it.

Well-meaning parents add colored candies to the Valentine’s distributed to classmates. There will be candy everywhere.

Tomorrow will be a monumental exercise in self-deprivation for him during his classroom’s Valentine’s Day party. If he fails, Valentine’s night will not be fun for anyone in my household. I’m holding my breath.