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Tag: recipes for publicity

Great Holiday Gift Finds Through Nov. 21 Blog Jog!

Have you ever seen a Blog Jog? It’s a day of pathways through the web leading to new and different thinkers and great gift ideas to kick off your holiday shopping.

Blog JogOn November 21, 2010, I will be joining Carol Denbow’s second annual Blog Jog!

I will be giving away a prize or two, and I know other blogs will be as well, but no matter what you’ll discover a new world of possibilities through this event.

And if you have a blog of your own be sure to check out my Recipes for Publicity blog to learn more about what participating in the Blog Jog can do for you!

As a visitor following the path, you’ll be able to jog from blog to blog and see all the prizes being given away. It starts at midnight and runs all day on the 21st…so stop back, get ready to jog, and have fun with it!

Natural food choices at LAX

You haven’t heard from me for a few days as I’ve been at Book Expo America 2008 in Los Angeles. See photos of my time there on my other blog, Recipes For Publicity.

I did, though, have a couple hours to kill in the Los Angeles airport (LAX) on my way back, and was pleased to discover an alternative to the typical heavy airport food at the Naked Juice Bar and Natural Foods counter in the terminal where Southwest Airlines has gates. It’s immediately inside security, in a small food court.

For $10 (seemed to be the going price for a sandwich anywhere inside that terminal), I enjoyed a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around albacore tuna spiced with fresh dill and stuffed with fresh lettuce shreds. Not a browned leaf edge in sight.

I was torn between washing it down with a mango smoothie or an alcoholic beverage from the bar next door. After being on my feet for three days straight roaming through a convention center crammed with some 40,000 attendees and exhibitors, I opted for a gin and tonic. Yes, I’m human! It turned out to be a great choice as I slept through the entire flight and landed sometime after midnight. 🙂