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Tag: ptsd

The Link Between Nutrition and Mental Illness

Clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge at the University of Canterbury insists that optimizing nutrition is a safe and effective treatment for mental illness. She argues that our reliance on pharmaceuticals has led us down the wrong path when it comes to mental illness.

While she notes that medications can be very effective in the short term, in the long term the side effects and decreasing efficacy over time show us that pharmaceuticals may not be the answer. Her research has shown that twice as many people with ADHD, bipolar disorder, or depression improved with the addition of high doses of micronutrients to their diet. Even post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis can be impacted or avoided with the addition of micronutrients.

Dr. Rucklidge’s take-away message: A well-nourished body and brain is better equipped to manage stress and emotions.

Fascinating stuff. Watch it for yourself.