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Tag: pregnancy

Vitamin D Supplementation Helpful During Pregnancy with MS

It has become common knowledge within the Multiple Sclerosis community that MS has been associated with vitamin D deficiency. Supplementation with vitamin D3 is frequently recommended across the board for all MS sufferers, and the recommended levels of supplementation are moving from 2,000 IU daily up to 5,000 IU daily and even more.pregnancy

A small study published in the Iranian Journal of Neurology watched 15 pregnant women with MS who were given high doses of vitamin D3 and saw a decrease in MS symptoms in the postpartum stage. Typically the rate of relapse is significantly higher during the months following delivery of a baby, so this information could be helpful for new moms hoping to avoid a relapse after giving birth.

I usually prefer to run a micronutrient analysis before advising on supplements in order to see what is truly needed, but there has been a lot of research on the role that vitamin D plays in MS and other autoimmune disorders and there don’t seem to be dangerous side effects from supplementing with high doses.

It’s always good to address digestion when taking supplements as a dysfunctional digestive process may be the cause of nutrient deficiency to begin with. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you’re interested in a free initial phone consultation about addressing gut function or nutritional deficiencies.

Prenatal Vitamin D levels linked to Autism?

Research has shown that many autistic children are born in the month of March. Going backward, this would mean that their mothers were pregnant during the winter months when they might not have gotten enough sunshine on their skin, perhaps meaning that they were vitamin D deficient during the time in their pregnancy for the baby’s brain development.

I heard this at a recent natural health seminar and it made me stop to think. I don’t know if there has been any research on this, but it might be a reason to seek out regular sunshine during pregnancy. I was always looking for an excuse to go for a walk during my pregnancies anyway — maybe practicing for all that stroller-pushing that came later?

Has anyone else heard about this link?