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Tag: parasites

Rebuilding My Health Radio: How I Fight MS with Food

Want to hear how I personally manage multiple sclerosis with food? And how clearing parasites took my health to the next level? I recently shared my story on the Rebuilding My Health Radio podcast.

In the episode, you’ll hear…

  • The natural steps I took to put multiple sclerosis into remission
  • The role of diet in calming inflammation
  • The most accurate food sensitivity testing
  • How I helped my family overcome significant health hurdles
  • How an herbal parasite protocol supercharged my energy
  • And why most parasite testing is inaccurate

Listen to Rebuilding My Health Radio wherever you find your favorite podcasts…

Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Alexa, Spotify, and much more!

Parasites May Trigger Thyroid Issues Such As Graves’ or Hashimoto’s

The longer I run my clinic, the more convinced I am that hidden parasitic infection may be at the root of many chronic conditions. In this talk with thyroid specialist Dr. Eric Osansky, we discuss how parasites may be triggering symptoms of Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s.


Painless Pain Management by Addressing Inflammation

Is chronic pain ruining your life?

I recently joined Megan Van Buren on her “Painless Pain Management” podcast to discuss a different approach to pain management by focusing on reducing inflammation.Painless Pain Management podcast

Since most–if not all–symptoms are due to inflammation, addressing the underlying inflammation by identifying and eliminating the personal inflammatory triggers is not only a scientifically valid approach, it’s also super effective.

Megan and I had a wide-ranging conversation where I shared my theory of autoimmunity (it’s not what we’ve been told!) and how parasites can trigger chronic inflammation.

We talk about how I use the Mediator Release Test to design a customized oligoantigenic dietary therapy for the clients in my virtual clinic, and how and why that’s more effective in reducing inflammation than traditional elimination diets, guesswork, or diet fads.

Listen in on our talk about Autoimmunity, Inflammation and Parasites here.

Could a Hidden Infection Be Affecting Your Mental Health?

Fascinating research on PANS and PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) suggests that hidden infection plays a role in many mental health issues.
So far, the research has focused on bacterial streptocauccus infection, with treatment being longterm antibiotics. This approach brings its own side effect to the body’s immune system, digestive system, and microbiome and can inhibit long-term health and vitality.
Not to mention breeding antibiotic resistance that could spread to the rest of the population.
But I wonder about parasites, too. Maybe the foreign invaders that the white blood cells see in a PANS patient are strep bacteria, as some doctors have suggested… or maybe they are a virus or parasite that we just haven’t looked hard enough to find yet?
According to the article, “The clearest and most common characteristic was rapid onset: A kid could be himself one day and a stranger the next. “
One day everything is normal, and then we get infected by something and everything changes almost overnight. This is a clear indication of a new infection in the body!
Regardless of the type of foreign invader, the immune system will respond with inflammation triggered by the release of inflammatory mediators. The most famous mediator we all know is histamine, but there are eighty or more types of mediators that the white blood cells can release once they deem there is a threat to the body. It doesn’t really matter which mediators are released because they all cause inflammation.
Mediators travel everywhere the blood does, meaning that inflammation is systemic. When we are inflamed, our brain is also inflamed. Inflammation can make it difficult to think clearly, to make good decisions, to be happy. When our brain is inflamed we are moody and mean; we feel our most basic emotions of anger, guilt, sadness, fear, despair.
When our immunesystem triggers inflammation, symptoms may include mental health issues of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and panic attacks, psychosis, mania, bipolar, and more.
However, I believe there is a better way to free yourself from the hidden infestation that is at the root of your mental health than the toxicity of long-term antibiotics. It you’re interested in exploring a more natural, pharmaceutical-free way to recover from the effects of a hidden infection that could be holding you back from living your life, then it’s time to open your mind to alternative paths to healing.
I invite you to join me at the upcoming Holistic Health & Wellness Forum to meet and mingle with innovative wellness practitioners and try out new modalities for healing. You could find the solution to turn your life around that you’ve been searching for that very day!
I hope to see you there!

Can You Get Parasites from a Water Park Visit?

I am working with a man in his 30s who is in overall good health. Eats well, works out regularly, keeps himself fit. About three weeks ago, he took his family to a water park and almost immediately afterward began having unusual symptoms including stomach cramping, diarrhea/constipation, and nausea. He visited a number of doctors and had a number of scopes and lab tests performed, all of which came back without positive results.

Luckily, he was convinced that something was wrong with him anyway and he began suspecting that it may be parasitic infection. He found his way to me and I heartily agreed. Sudden onset of symptoms is a strong sign that you’ve been invaded by parasites.

Not everyone will have the same symptoms he did as there are a whole host of ways that bodies react to parasites. Check out these posts for more symptoms of parasitic infections.

As I sent him off with the herbal parasite cleanse, I invited him to take photos of his stools during this eviction process and send them to me. He laughed and assured me that he most certainly would NOT be taking any photos.

Then he sent me these photos with this note: “So you know how I said I didn’t want to take a picture.  I took a picture, still gross.  My daughter was complaining of stomach issues and I would hate to see her suffer because I didn’t want to take a dumb picture.”

Here are his photos. See what you think. We have started his entire family (with the exception of his breast-feeding wife) on herbal parasite cleanses as well. If you can identify these buggers, please leave a comment below!

If you think parasites could be affecting you, shoot me an email and schedule a free initial phone consultation to discuss how best to evict the buggers from your body so that you can reclaim your health.