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Tag: non-toxic baking

Are Silicone Bakeware Safe and Non-toxic?

This is something I have pondered for a while. My husband is trying to get me to switch to using my silicone baking sheet mat all the time, instead of the aluminum foil I often lay down to catch drips and make for an easier clean-up. But I’ve been resistant.

OK, I know that aluminum foil can leach aluminum into your food, which can lead to bad brain degeneration down the line, but are the silicone liners doing something just as bad? I mean, they are a form of plastic, after all. Do they emit vapors, fumes, or other undesirable things to contaminate our food?

The writer of Baking Delights blog put a lot of research into it, so read what she says.  In the end, it seems safe to use the silicon bakeware. Phew. I guess my husband was right — again!