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Tag: nasal congestion

Natural Remedy for Nasal Congestion of Summer Colds

There seem to a few particularly nasty summer colds flying around this July and I’ve been busy dispensing remedies left and right to help alleviate symptoms and bring the body back into balance. Most notably, I’ve been offering up homeopathic Kali Bich.

Kali Bich (pronounced “Cali” as in California, “Beech” as in a beech tree) is great for clearing up thick nasal congestion that constantly needs to be blown out. Usually, a single dose will clear the nose and allow the sufferer to sleep soundly and stop carrying a box of tissues around with them. Often, this remedy will be enough to help the sufferer turn the corner toward regaining health.

Kali Bich works well with viral infections that produce yellow snot, but not so much when the infection has become bacterial and moved into green mucous.

When you administer the right homeopathic remedy, the health turnaround can be dramatic. If there is no effect, then it is not the right remedy for what ails you, but no harm done.

Homeopathic remedies may be used alongside other remedies or medications without fear of interactions. Click here for information on giving homeopathic remedies.