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Tag: Megan Van Buren

Painless Pain Management by Addressing Inflammation

Is chronic pain ruining your life?

I recently joined Megan Van Buren on her “Painless Pain Management” podcast to discuss a different approach to pain management by focusing on reducing inflammation.Painless Pain Management podcast

Since most–if not all–symptoms are due to inflammation, addressing the underlying inflammation by identifying and eliminating the personal inflammatory triggers is not only a scientifically valid approach, it’s also super effective.

Megan and I had a wide-ranging conversation where I shared my theory of autoimmunity (it’s not what we’ve been told!) and how parasites can trigger chronic inflammation.

We talk about how I use the Mediator Release Test to design a customized oligoantigenic dietary therapy for the clients in my virtual clinic, and how and why that’s more effective in reducing inflammation than traditional elimination diets, guesswork, or diet fads.

Listen in on our talk about Autoimmunity, Inflammation and Parasites here.