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Tag: magnetization of cells

Are There Safety Risks to MRIs?

I recently received a question asking about the risks of getting an MRI scan. In my opinion, while an MRI scan seems safer than medical scans that use radiation, but there may still be some risks associated.

MRI machine

An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan, is done by creating a strong, oscillating magnetic field around the body. This excites hydrogen atoms (present in water in the body) which emit radio waves at a frequency that can be measured.

The most obvious risk from an MRI comes if you have a piece of metal implanted in your body that could become magnetized and try to leave your body during the magnetic scan. The MRI technician will ask about this before putting you inside the machine.

Sometimes, gadolinium is injected into the patient to increase the contrast of the images. Gadolinium is a rare metal with paramagnetic properties, which means that it is susceptible to externally applied magnetic fields but don’t retain magnetic properties. While generally well-tolerated, it has been linked to rare renal issues. If you are injected with gladolinium, consider doing some actions afterward to help your body get rid of the metal such as an ionic foot bath or an infrared sauna.

Generally, an MRI scan is thought to be safer than a CT scan or even a regular x-ray because it does not expose the body to radiation. Radiation exposure has been linked to cancer, as is well known (rest in peace, Madam Curie), and MRIs use magnets rather than radiation to scan the body.

Magnets and the Human Body

Learn more about the effects of electro magnetic fields in Elizabeth Plourde's book, EMF Freedom.
Learn more about the effects of electro magnetic fields in Elizabeth Plourde’s book, EMF Freedom.

The human body is an electrical system and our cells have electrical charges, that is, they have positive or negative charges, and the atomic bonds inside our cells vibrate at a frequency. Natural therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and Reiki recognize that health is dictated by this  vibrational energy in our bodies.  Magnets can affect our health in many ways by affecting both the polarity and frequency of our cells.

Magnets can be used to heal or manage skeletal conditions such as posture or back pain.

Some people are very susceptible to the plethora of electromagnetic fields that perforate our daily lives from the wi-fi in our houses, cellular networks permeating the air waves, cordless phones, and even the remote control for our televisions. These people may be unexplainably debilitated until they find ways to minimize their exposure to EMFs, and there are products that can help accomplish this.

Some studies have found genotoxic effects from magnetic fields, which means that they may disrupt the genetic information in a cell in susceptible people, but the risk of this from the EMFs all around us every day is likely greater than the risk from the rare occasions of getting an MRI scan.

Most people walk around every day not noticing all of the electromagnetic waves surrounding them in our modern urban world. And most people would not have any negative effects from an MRI. But those who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves might also want to avoid MRIs when possible.

There are ways to re-align the polarity and frequency of your cells following an MRI scan or even at anytime when you might want to experience a sense of peace and well-being. Sound healing is one of the most enjoyable and imparts an overall sense of wellbeing. Look for opportunities to experience a Richard Rudis’ Gong Baths, a Tibetan crystal bowl concert, or a local ohm circle.

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