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Tag: Lewy body dementia

Dementia and Food Sensitivities: The Hidden Link

Reader comment: I have Lewy body dementia. I’m 100% soy free. And completely 100% symptoms free of dementia. As long as I have no soy or soy lecithin in my system. ~ John B., Rosenberg, TX

Hi John! Thanks for sharing your experience! I definitely agree that food sensitivities and the inflammation they cause can influence mental awareness and I’m glad to hear you have identified your trigger with soy and are able to live symptom-free simply by avoiding soy and soy lecithin.

It can be difficult to identify the culprits that are creating symptoms such as dementia, which can lead people (and doctors!) to believe that there is no way for sufferers to avoid losing their minds. However, as your testimonial shows, there is a path to avoiding dementia. As you have discovered, the key is to identify your personal inflammatory triggers and avoid them, just like Celiac patients live symptom-free if they avoid exposure to gluten.

You are fortunate to have identified your triggers without help, however if you start experiencing symptoms even when abstaining from soy, then the MRT food sensitivity test could help you figure out additional sensitivities.

Congratulations on “reversing” this disease course by identifying your inflammatory trigger and I wish you a long and healthy life!

If you are suffering from a disease that is robbing you of your mind like dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, it would be worth having a conversation with me or my team to determine if a customized anti-inflammatory diet could help you recover your life like John did. Contact me by email to schedule a free initial phone consultation and get started on living –and remembering!– the rest of your life!