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Tag: hydrogen peroxide

Natural Remedy for Sore Throat and Big Tonsils: Hydrogen Peroxide

My son came home from school yesterday complaining of a painful throat and not feeling well. Sure enough, when I peeked into his mouth I could clearly see his hugely swollen tonsils. No wonder his throat hurt!

I took him into a nearby medical clinic for a throat culture to check for Strep Throat and the culture was negative. I wasn’t surprised to discover that what he had was viral rather than bacterial because he did not have a fever or any white spots on his tonsils, which can sometimes be an indicator of a bacterial infection like Strep.

So what do you do when antibiotics are not the answer for painful, swollen tonsils?

A Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse for Tonsil or Mouth Pain

I mixed up a gargle containing 1/2 hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 water + 1 drop DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil blend (or 1 drop tea tree oil).

Doing a gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide (the 3% solution widely available at local drugstores, etc., not the more powerful food grade solution) can bring amazing results. Gargling with hydrogen peroxide brings oxygen to the outside of the tonsils to directly address any anaerobic viruses or bacteria trying to take up residence there. My son gargled it twice yesterday and was much better this morning when I gave him another cupful to gargle before school.

You can also dilute hydrogen peroxide half-and-half with water to use as a mouth rinse to soothe the pain from swollen cheeks or gums, mouth sores, cold sores, cuts from braces, surgery, or other mouth pain as it has a slightly numbing effect and can ward off infection. As long as you don’t drink it, there are no reasons why a diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse or gargle can’t be used to control mouth pain as frequently as needed.

I also loaded him up with echinicea, vitamin D, vitamin C, and a bunch of immune supporting minerals. Additionally, I gave him some colloidial silver liquid to add silver’s germ killing power.

Finally, I made some garlic tea for him with the goal of knocking the buggers out of his body and restoring him to health.

Cancer-fighting Tip: Oxygenate Cells

I feel so relieved that the results from my recent breast biopsy were negative, but I have been looking into what to do had the test results come back saying something different.

One thing I’ve learned about cancer cells is that they are anaerobic; they thrive in an oxygen-poor environment. To make your body more inhospitable for cancer growth, it’s helpful to oxygenate your cells.

How do you oxygenate your cells?

Obviously, aerobic exercise brings lots of oxygen into your cells, but by itself exercise is not enough to fight a tumor already growing. Help your cells absorb oxygen by drinking lots fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and consider bathing in a solution of food-grade (30% or so) hydrogen peroxide. This is not the 3% solution you find at your local drug store, but a much more potent chemical that you’ll have to find from a chemical distributor. If you order it over the net you’ll have to pay an additional hazardous materials shipping fee, so check locally first.

Be super, super careful with this stuff as it will burn you if it comes into direct contact with your skin! Should I give a disclaimer right here? Handle at your own risk! I take no responsibility or liability for your actions after reading this. I have never done this myself, but learned it from a trusted naturopathic mentor.

Start with 1/4 cup mixed into a full bathtub of water and work your way up to 1 cup over a week. You should see and feel your skin bubble a little bit as you soak. Start off slowly!

You can also take the food-grade hydrogen peroxide internally, mixing 1/2 tsp. into 16 oz. of liquid once a day to start.

Let us know if you try it!