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Tag: hair tint

Natural Hair Color

I’m happy to admit to being forty (see me perform and you’ll likely hear me announce my age!), but it drives me crazy to find gray hair streaking like lightening bolts through my dark head. I know I’m lucky since my dad was completely gray by the time he was thirty, but I’m not ready to go salt-n-pepper yet.

Besides the tremendous expense of a salon dye job in these belt-tightening times, I would rather avoid the ammonia and other toxic chemicals  used in traditional hair dyes that can leach through your scalp and contaminate your systems. When one of my best girlfriends introduced me to Naturtint Hair Color,I was hooked. Here is a vegetable-based, ammonia- and resorcinol-free hair color that doesn’t damage as it tints. And yes, it works great!

At around $15, it’s a bargain that gives long lasting, radiant, permanent color without fumes, toxins, or frizzies. I usually pick a box up at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage, but you can order Naturtint Hair Color, too.