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Tag: GMO beef

Genetically Modified Meat Ok’d for Sale in US

Consumer Alert: More FrankenFoods are headed to our grocery stores; this time it’s genetically-modified cows!
Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

This week, US regulators cleared modified beef ‘meats’ for sale to the American public. The DNA of the cows is altered to give them extremely short, slick coats to better withstand hot weather.

The industry’s arguments: A comfortable cow means less stress and possibly improved food production and animal welfare. The FDA has already approved other genetically altered animals like salmon, chicken, and pigs.
My take: Tinkered DNA in our food supply is harmful for our personal and collective health. Our scientists are good at turning genes on, but not as much with how to turn them off once they have been eaten. The activated genes in GMO corn have been shown to disrupt the digestive functions in humans.
In the US we vote with our dollars. Protect your own health by reading labels and go GMO-free by buying organic instead!