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Tag: fast food preservatives

One-Year Old Happy Meal

My friend Nonna Joann Bruso is getting a lot of attention for her 1-year old Happy Meal from McDonald’s.

A year ago she purchased a Happy Meal and set it on the shelf in her office. Last week, she pulled it back out and snapped a photo of the meal that looks almost identical to the one taken when it was fresh and savory-smelling.

She was amazed that this “food” sat on a shelf for a year and didn’t attract mice or ants. It seems to have dehydrated more than decomposed.

It kinda makes you wonder what kinds of preservatives you need to add to make food not decompose, doesn’t it? Can you help but wonder what happens to your body when it absorbs those kinds of preservatives?

Embalmed from the inside out. Now there’s a disgusting thought.

fresh Happy Meal ~ March 3, 2009
Same Happy Meal Marcy 3, 2010
Same Happy Meal Marcy 3, 2010