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Tag: dinner recipe

Canned (Tinned) Salmon in Glorious One-Pot Meals

Reader Question: Would canned salmon be a good substitute for Glorious One Pot recipes? ~ John R., Austin, TX
Hi John! I’m thrilled that you have been enjoying Glorious One-Pot Meals! While I have never tried using tinned salmon in a GOPM, I have used canned tuna and it worked perfectly, so I would assume that canned salmon would work just fine as well. Tinned fish is a great option for adding to GOPMs – thank you for bringing it up!
It’s hard to believe that 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Glorious One-Pot Meals! I’ll be celebrating all year, so stay in touch to celebrate with me.
Happy cooking!

Glorious One-Pot Meal recipe: Feta Shrimp

Is is safe to say we’re all sick of turkey by the first week of December?

For a change, check out this Glorious One-Pot Meal recipe for Feta Shrimp! A delightfully surprising meal of tangy feta with smoky roasted tomatoes and succulent shrimp. Yum!

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some of my televised appearances this year — yes, you’re allowed to say, “Took you long enough!” I know, I know. I haven’t posted a new video in quite some time. My only excuse is that I could really use an assistant or two!