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Tag: cold snap

Cold Snap Herbal Cold Remedy

My family returned from our east coast vacation with a miserable summer cold. As soon as I returned I pulled out the Cold Snap and watched my kids turn the corner back to health.

As the label says, Cold Snap contains “twenty herbs to restore righteous chi.” I don’t know about you, but restoring righteous chi is what I’m all about.

I’m not going to list all the herbs, but I gave my 10-year old and 8-year old each one capsule (opened and mixed into some applesauce) when each was suffering from swollen tonsils, stuffy head, hoarse voice, and a wet cough. A little later I noticed a marked difference in their sense of wellbeing and energy levels. Each reported feeling much better and wanting to go play with friends. Even their tonsils were significantly reduced in size.

I gave them each another capsule before bed, and another in the morning. Neither has needed another dose, and the worst of the cold has passed them by.

Lucky them. Because I have MS, I’m nervous to take so many herbs that might stimulate my immune system in ways I didn’t anticipate. So I have suffered through the cold and know exactly what they missed. This is one time when homeopathic remedies have offered only little relief.

**Update: I have since taken Cold Snap many times and have found it to be very effective at helping the body fight a cold.