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Tag: clean water

Why drink water? Lose weight, save money, save the planet

The GreenMahma puts it quite succinctly in this post on the Greenmahma blog: Drinking water instead of juice or soda can benefit your waistline, save you money, and reduce waste. Better for your health and better for the health of the planet.

I’ve become quite a water addict myself ever since we received a gift of our Pi-Mag Aqua Pour Gravity Nikken water purifier. This water tastes better than any water I’ve ever tried. It’s incredibly drinkable, which helps me to fulfil my body’s daily needs for this precious liquid.

Not to knock our Brita pitcher, but now we use it to fill the cat’s water fountain. It just doesn’t taste as good as the Aqua Pour water.

Here’s what Nikken says about why this system is so special:

The PiMag Aqua Pour includes several stages of filtration. Water flows through a carbon medium, ion exchange resin and zeolite. Pi ceramics are in the filter, to impart “the water of life.” Final stage filtration consists of a bed of mineral stones, like the stones that provide natural filtering and minerals in streams and rivers. Nikken Magnetic Technology completes the process, as the water passes through a charged field.

Whatever it is that happens to the water, when it comes out the bottom it’s unbelievably tasty and clear. We keep ours next to the sink where we can easily keep it filled with the sprayer hose. The filtration components only need to be changed every 5 years, which makes the $299 price tag not quite so horrifying.

We think it’s one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received. Not only do we use it all the time, but it’s something that helps us in our quest to be healthier. We seriously appreciate it every day.

Just contact me and I’ll help you get one for yourself or for the most challenging recipient on your gift list.