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Tag: anti-cancer diet

Cancer Survival Rates Increase With A Healthy Diet

The L.A. Times reported that “a new study has found that a diet high in fruits, vegetables and healthful grains may be associated with higher ovarian cancer survival rates.”

Huh. Ya’ think?

And do you think that the finding that “eating more fruits and vegetables and healthful grains was associated with a longer survival time,” could cross over and be a truthful statement for just about any cancer patient?

I say: YES!

I’ll even go out on a limb here and take it one step further: I’ll bet you’ll find longer survival rates in general – and better quality of life –among the population that practices a healthy diet, whether or not they already have found a cancer or not.

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I love it when clinical studies prove what we know to be universal truths: People who eat a healthier, whole foods-based diet fall ill less frequently, heal and recover faster when they do, and generally feel better on a daily basis than those who live off of processed “foodstuffs.”

It’s even more important for cancer survivors and others with compromised bodies – like those of us with MS– to focus mostly on a plant-based, high antioxident diet to encourage healing and healthy cell growth and function

So, thanks, University of Illinois at Chicago, for proving what mom always said!