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Tag: alternative medicine

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies

The right homeopathic remedy can be the quickest and most effective curative for symptoms that you’ve ever seen work.

This time of year I dole out a lot of remedies for various conditions such as colds, coughs, stuffy noses, and flu. Additionally, I’ve been mixing up homeopathic anti-histimine and homeopathic anti-itching remedies to relieve allergic or hypersensitivity reactions brought on by exposure to irritants, unexplained rashes, and psoriasis. But homeopathy can be used for almost any condition.

You may have purchased a homeopathic remedy at the store that comes in little pellets, or you may have received a pre-mixed remedy in a dropper bottle.

While you may simply place 1-3 pellets underneath your tongue directly, it will be more effective to mix 1-3 pellets with 1-3 oz. of clean, filtered water. Avoid touching the pellets with your skin to keep them clean and pure. Stir until completely dissolved. Then place 1 teaspoonful of  the liquid underneath your tongue.

Regardless of whether you have a pre-mixed bottle or you have mixed it yourself in a glass, you will want to:
1. Avoid anything in your mouth (food or drink) for 5-15 minutes before and after taking the remedy.
2. Succuss (bang into your palm forcefully) the bottle 5 times before taking the remedy to activate the molecules, or stir your own mixture well. This step brings energy into the remedy.
3. Squeeze out any liquid from the dropper, then fill the dropper with the remedy. Or use a clean spoon that has not touched your mouth to administer the liquid.
4. Drop 7-10 drops underneath the tongue, taking care to maintain the hygiene of the dropper itself by not allowing it to touch anything. The exact number of drops or amount on the teaspoon does not matter.

For an acute reaction, you can dose every 15 minutes until you find some relief.

With homeopathy, you will notice relief from symptoms within ten minutes if it is the right remedy. If it is not the right remedy, nothing will happen either way. It will never make your symptoms worse. Do not continue to take the remedy that day if you are not seeing improvement after the first dose, and especially after the second dose. Cease taking the remedy upon resolution of symptoms.

Keep the bottle away from computers, microwaves, cell phones, etc. that emit waves. If you travel with it, it’s ok to send it through the x-ray machine but better not to bring it in the full body scanner with you. The bottle is 1 oz and ok to carry on.

Homeopathic remedies should not be taken regularly; only when indicated by symptoms. If you find the remedy does not alleviate any symptoms, it is not the right remedy for this problem.

If you think a homeopathic remedy might help alleviate your discomfort, contact me for a free evaluation and homeopathic remedy recommendation.

Lifestyle changes as effective as angioplasty for heart disease

As obesity has increased in the United States, diabetes has reached near- epidemic levels. About 24 million people are afflicted, most of them with Type 2, also known as adult-onset, diabetes. Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common effects of diabetes: About 65 percent of diabetics die from heart disease or stroke.

The Los Angeles Times reports research results showing that, “for most patients with diabetes and clogged arteries who have not had a heart attack, treatment with drugs and lifestyle changes are as effective at reducing death as immediate bypass surgery or angioplasty.” (italics are mine)

A 2007 study of nondiabetics also found that drug treatment and lifestyle changes were as effective as angioplasty in preventing deaths.

Hmmmm… Let me get this straight. Does this mean that someone suffering from heart disease, be they diabetic or not, could get the same clear-artery results just from changing their lifestyle (diet and exercise) and drug regimen as they can from undergoing a traumatic and invasive angioplasty procedure?

I’m not going to address the drug regimen as I’m not a medical doctor, but as a Certified Nutritional Consultant I do feel absolutely comfortable with the statement that one of the best lifestyle changes you can do to manage or reverse heart disease and/or diabetes is to follow a Perfectly Whole Foods Diet as much as possible and eschew the processed, artificial foods so prevalent in our modern world.

The mainstream medical community is starting to recognize that the prescription for robust health and healing must include as a whole foods-based diet. More and more alternative therapies are being integrated into mainstream medicine. Maybe some day more doctors will prescribe better foods along with or instead of more drugs and surgeries. The change is coming.