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Tag: agave nectar

Turmeric Milk: An Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

I’ve written about the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric here before, and about how I will take a tablespoon or more of high quality turmeric when I suspect a flare up of multiple sclerosis may be coming — with good results!

ground turmeric
ground turmeric

The problem is that turmeric can be overpowering and hence difficult to get down in great quantities. Sometimes I put it in food, as in this recipe for Taj Mahal soup, and sometimes I’ve simply mixed it with hot water to make a pretty nasty brew.

So I was excited to come across this great recipe for preparing turmeric in milk posted by Arun Shanbhag. Adding ginger gives it an extra anti-bacterial boost, and probably better flavor, too.

Looking at it, I’m likely to use soy or almond milk rather than real milk and agave nectar for my sweetener when I next feel the need to try this recipe. But I have no doubt that this will be the tastiest way I’ve ever taken my turmeric! Thanks, Arun!