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Soothing Throat Coat Tea for Sore Throats

With all the highs and lows we’re sethroat coat tea for sore throatseing in our weather this month, perhaps its no surprise to see lots of kids with coughs and scratchy throats. In my experience, nothing soothes a scratchy, irritated throat like a nice cup of Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals.

The Just for Kids line by Traditional Medicinals offers a delicious brew of six organic herbs to bring relief to little necks. Each bag contains marshmallow root, sage leaf, calendua flower, licorice root, cinnamon bark, and wild cherry bark for a blend of healing herbs long known to be helpful for sore throats.

Be sure to cover the bag in hot water and then with a lid and let steep for at least ten minutes to allow the herbs time to release their healthful components. Sweeten with honey as needed to make it appealing to little palates.

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