1. Vegar at |

    I watched this talk with my wife the other day (we’re both very interested in healthy eating), and I must say I was shocked. We don’t live in the states, and as you may guess by my name I am not American. My wife is, however. And we do adopt a lot of American culture here in Norway, good and bad. While these issues are better here in Norway, they are not great, and they are deteriorating.

    I was thrilled to see someone adressing these issues in the USA, and saddened to hear about how bad things really are.

    Ann Cooper, I don’t know if you really read these comments, but if you do I wish to thank you for a very inspirational talk, and more than that, for doing what you’re doing! I am convinced that a healthy diet. That they will grow up to be healthier, and hopefully also smarter than those who went before them. Thank you for doing a very important part of that work! We need more people like you!

    From one very inspired and impressed Norwegian and his American wife
    -Vegar and Kelly

  2. Lisa at |

    My daughter was born with several food allergies. She’s outgrown many of them, but being limited in this way has always been a blessing in disguise.

    I’ve been able to supervise her foods from the very beginning.

    Not saying she doesn’t get junk food – but when asked by her teacher what her favorite food was? She said “Broccoli.”

    That’s my girl. =)

    She doesn’t eat “junk” like boxed dinners, processed foods (mostly) or the usual after school snacks that her classmates eat.

    She does eat beans, rice, meat, vegetables, fruits, and squash – she loves squash.

    So, it can be done. We just have to be committed to doing it. My food budget is off the charts, since I can’t buy much in the way of “mainstream” foods, but *still* I’m committed to keeping her healthy.

    The two “junk” foods she eats? French Fries and Oreos. That’s about it unless I make her something safe – but even then it usually has whole grains in it.

    So, she’s incredibly healthy. She’s fit. And, she’s happy to eat veggies – all because I never bothered to let her eat junk from the beginning… and because of her allergies, nobody else could either!!

    It’s a blessing, I tell you!



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