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Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil From Turkey Fryers

If can feel like everyone is deep frying turkeys for Thanksgiving these days. But what do you do with all that used cooking oil after the turkey comes out?

Pouring it down the drain or on the ground, or even tossing it into the trash, can have disasterous effects on wildlife and drinking water if it seeps into the ecosystem, not to mention sewer pipes. (No, chasing oil with hot water will not help once it leaves your household pipes!) Used cooking oil can be a major source of household pollution.

In Colorado, The Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises annual Holiday recycOil progrogram will collect used cooking oil at nine metro-are locations on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Other used cooking oil recycling locations are available around the country. Try Googling “recycle used cooking oil” and your town’s name to find a site near you.

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