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Raspberry Fruit Butter

Clearbrook Farms Fruit ButtersMy sister has twice now sent me little care packages from the little Long Island town where she lives. They are always full of scrumptious goodies that she finds in local shops. One that has become a favorite is Clearbrook Farms Rasberry Fruit Butter.

I should probably come clean and admit that I am not a regular eater of fruit spreads, but this one is so good that it rivals chocolate (did I just say that?). You already knew that I have a sweet tooth and this non-dairy, vegetarian, addictive spread gives me sweet satisfaction from only raspberries, sugar, fruit pectin and lemon juice.

That’s right: it does have real sugar! I’m fine with that: it’s the artificial sugar substitutes that I avoid like the plague. These fruit butters offer intense flavor with less sugar than normal preserves and 1/3 the carbs, if that’s important to you to know.

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