Perfect Whole Foods Diet

As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, one of the things I do is coach people on how to choose foods to help heal their ailments and achieve a healthy state. I believe that most disease and maladies are borne from dietary deficiencies or excesses; cleaning up our eating habits and adopting a diet of whole foods can resolve or at least improve many health problems.

I follow this philosophy myself, and credit it for keeping my Multiple Sclerosis at bay. I haven’t had an exacerbation since 2001, which is a long time in the world of MS.

My friend Jan suffered from undiagnosable general malaise. She was fatigued, uncomfortable, and frail for most of a decade. Then she healed herself with a three-pronged approach; one leg of which calls for switching to a strict diet of whole foods. Nothing processed. Nothing artificial. Only real foods. It’s called the Perfect Whole Foods Diet, and together with the originator, Dr. Walt Stoll, she wrote a book to help others heal the way she did.

Check out her book Recapture Your Health. I loved it.

Today, Jan dances to disco music for 30-minutes each morning, sings in the church choir, and carries on a busy career as a massage therapist. She feels renewed and rejuvenated.

Just as an FYI: While I subscribe to a variation of the Perfect Whole Foods Diet, I personally am a little more relaxed about it, adapting to best feed myself given the situation and striving for as close to a whole food diet as possible in my own life.

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