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Passover Dessert: Light and Airy Coconut Macaroons

With Passover just a few days away, don’t forget the light and airy coconut macaroon recipe I shared last year for a different take on the classic Pesach dessert.

Rather than the heavy, chewy lumps of dry cakey masses that you typically find for macaroons, these offer a satisfying crunch and are so light that you might find yourself eating them mindlessly one after the other. Watch out!

How different are they from the norm? My cousin made these Passover cookies last year and thought she did it wrong because they weren’t the familiar dense, sugary lumps you can buy in the store.

Surprise your family this year with a dessert they’ll atually ask for all year round. My kids request these cookies for all kinds of special occasions that have nothing to do with Jewish holidays.

I like to get my unsweetened shredded coconut from the bulk food bins at the health food store because I think it tastes fresher, but if that’s not an option for you try to look for unsweetened shreds in a bag in the baking aisle.

Happy Passover!

Posted in: Recipes

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