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    I found one on the web that I love!!
    3/4 cup pure oil (like sweet almond oil)
    1 cup pure water (either distilled or rosewater)
    2 Tablespoons shaved beeswax
    It called for 30 drops of essential oils but we only used 3 and it is perfect for us (you can use lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot or your favorite)
    pint glass jar or container for storage

    Boil pot of any kind (not above) water.I melted oil and beeswax together in jar to save on dishes. (like a double boiler). When beeswax is melted take out of water and let cool a few minutes. Pour water into blender and slowly pour in oil mixture. about 3.4 of the way it will start to thicken and turn white. When finished mixing add in essential oil and mix a bit more. Scrap out of blender into jar. Ready to go!

    We are going to try a cheaper oil when we are ddone with this jar. Sweet almond is about $9 a jar and you use 3/4 of the jar so seems expessive. We are going to try olive or sunflower next.

    I am not taking credit for this I found it on the internet by someone else and am hoping I remembered all steps. My computer crashed and it was on there. Here is the website for where I found this recipe:


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